About us

About us

Mission: beautiful body and great mood

Eco&Fit is a project created by enthusiasts of activity and healthy eating, people who do not miss positive energy and who want to share it with others. Years of training and expanding knowledge of eating have allowed us to learn the recipe for health, well-being and great looks. Now we want to pass it on to you.

We found the protein El Dorado

Since we can remember, it has been very important for us to use a valuable and natural source of protein, which is a key element in the diet of people caring for a fit, good-looking figure. However, none of the products available on the market fully met our expectations, so we decided to create our own - 100% natural, gluten-free and free of artificial additives. With it, achieving your dream body and feeling great is really easier!

A healthy vision for action

At Eco&Fit we believe that every woman should be confident and satisfied with her life. A good mood all day long and a shapely body should be an everyday life, not just a dream. Therefore, apart from the best protein cocktail on the market (yes, we are not afraid to say it!) we also provide professional advice on dietetics and training. We know very well that changing your eating habits for good and motivating yourself to be active is not always easy. However, with proven and effective products and appropriate support from specialists, success is within your reach!


Mariusz - the originator, founder

Just the man who started all this confusion and who proved that if you don't find what you need on the market, you have to create it yourself.

A promoter of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. A man who with his passion and belief in success infects others. There are no impossible things for him, and everything he does is a 100% success. Sport has accompanied him since childhood and is an inseparable part of his life. He tried his strength in athletics, combat sports, strength sports. Thanks to that he met many outstanding trainers and dieticians. He has been interested in natural supplementation for over 17 years.

And how did it all start? From his wife, who one day came home with a cocktail, a written diet and the intention to lose weight. After reading the composition, which artificial additives were scary and which was prepared for making weight rather than reduction, Mariusz said two things: first, that he wouldn't let his wife drink unhealthy mixes, second, that it's not nice to cheat people who are looking for help and aren't specialists in the subject. And since he has always been a man of action, he decided to act and create for his wife the best protein cocktail in the world: of natural origin, without any ingredients that generate discomfort and are not good for health, and above all, one that he will have control over the quality from start to finish. He started working with one of the most experienced technologists in the industry, and then built a team of people with great experience in dietetics and personal training. This is how a unique product was created, which Mariusz can recommend to his wife and every woman with a clear heart.

Kasia, the nutrition department, will show you the word "diet" in your dictionary

A woman who infects with good energy and has a head full of ideas for... new, delicious recipes and how to help others change their lives for the better! She tries to break down dietary stereotypes and prove that it is not a sad necessity, but an adventure and a lifestyle that you can (and should!) become friends with.

She loves working with people, observing their progress and the moments when they appear in them:

  • TEARS OF HAPPINESS- because of the achievement of subsequent, previously unimaginable goals
  • SMILE - because of every kilo lost or improved sports performance
  • GROWING SELF-ESTEEM - resulting from a fit figure and better self-image
  • PRIDE - because of the knowledge gained and crossing your own borders

And how did her adventure begin? She graduated with a master's degree in dietetics from the Silesian Medical University. She gained her experience by doing internships in numerous hospitals and working in dietary clinics. Already during her studies she started her duties as a dietitian on the first position, which allowed her to understand the importance of individual approach to the client and constant motivating and supporting the clients in achieving their dream goals. Being a dietitian is not only a job for her, but also a passion. She has been regularly trained and willingly appears at thematic conferences to hear about new methods, products and solutions. After all, thanks to this she can help all those who apply to her even better!

Patrycja - customer service, logistics

She makes sure everything gets to you in time and complete.

She is a very modest person, warm and well organized. It is thanks to her meticulousness and ability to control the greatest chaos that shipments of delicious and healthy Eco&Fit protein cocktails reach you in a set and on time :-) To put it another way, Patrycja is our office Superman and planning expert.

In her free time she is a master of photomontage of family photos. More than once she "sent" her grandmother on an exotic trip, and made her brother-in-law a superman.

Favorite dishes? Cheese toast and pizza, but she eats them rarely, because she is still on a diet. She barely part with her bicycle in the summer. She can travel tens of miles in one day. As a person with a big distance to herself, she claims to be the slowest in town, but has the most beautiful basket. Lover of rock ballads and animated films, an eternal optimist with traditional beliefs.

Marcin - head of production

He is responsible for the highest quality of the product that comes to you.

His perfectionism and attention to detail are already legendary. Proof? The nickname „pharmacist" has been earned because his workplace is always sterile, and everything has to match up to three decimal places. Fortunately, in the production department these qualities work perfectly!

Husband and father with a rocky character. He loves nature and the noise of trees in his own garden. An excellent draftsman and sculptor. A good coffee enthusiast, for whom brewing techniques are sacred and drinking coffee is a ritual requiring the company of a small chocolate. He answers the question "sea or mountains" without hesitation: sea. He acts as a magnet for people: he establishes new contacts very quickly and has mastered his negotiation skills to perfection. He is direct, with a cheerful disposition. A professionally conscientious superior... The last one to leave work. But the task he has to face every day is enormous: He is responsible for the entire Eco&Fit production process.

Mariola - supply and resources department

Mariola has the soul of a true treasure hunter. She is responsible for finding real gems in a wide range of resources, which eventually end up in our products.

The head of the raw materials department is also distinguished by exceptional meticulousness and excellent analytical skills. She controls demand, verifies suppliers and, most importantly, ensures that the highest quality raw-materials are obtained at appropriate prices.

What else? When Mariola takes off her boss's dress, she turns into her wife, mother and grandmother, who loves to bake cakes and cakes for her grandchildren. For two years she has also had a little Maltese Lila, with whom she goes for long walks every day. She loves to travel, loves mountains, sea and lakes.




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